makes a record of typical post-war modernist buildings and architectural details in Berlin that are in danger of disappearing

The hectic process of reconstructing Berlin started in 1990. Anything built between 1945 and 1989 is often designated as contaminated. To be cleared away as soon as possible to make room for the new. This is true for both the eastern and western parts of town.

We began our documentation in 2002. Our aim is to make a record of what remains of this period before it is too late. Conversion or demolition will soon destroy it. In our selection of motifs we ignore the 'icons' of post-war modernism. They have already been published many times over.

Instead, we focus on architecture in the perceptual periphery. We are not the historical monuments preservation commission. Nor do we want to present a comprehensive inventory. The expression of an era cannot be experienced in architectural highlights. It only appears when we take a good look around in the everyday urban greyness. This is what we realized in the course of our work.

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